Evgeny showed an interest to singing already in childhood days, when he was accepted to the music school of Krasnoyarsk. A little later, a famous person of art, cantor and conductor Olga Rusakova invited him to join the "Sophia" children's and youth spiritual chorus" professional music group at the Cathedral of the Intercession.

Evgeny sang in the best concert halls from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad with the chorus, participated in international festivals and recorded a canticle CD together with the "Sophia".

Having left the chorus in 1997, Evgeny was awarded a diploma of the Archbishop of Krasnoyarsk and Yenisey Anthoniy for his contribution to the vocal-cantorial art of Krasnoyarsk.

From 2000 Evgeny moved to St. Petersburg, where he decided to pursue higher education in music and management. In 2005 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (diploma of musical management).

Evgeny started systematic vocal studies - first in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow in the private music studio of Eugeny Zhuravkin, an opera singer and senior teacher of Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts. During the years of training in the studio (from 2004 to 2008) together with other students and colleagues Evgeny took an active part in charity concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In 2008 Evgeny took a training course at the conservatory A. Boito, Parma (Italy) under the supervision of Professor Cristina Curti, with whom he worked for six months studying the style and interpretation of vocal music of the Baroque period.

Evgeny has prepared an interesting rich program including masterpieces of chamber and opera music after several years of regular studies in the studio; master classes with outstanding musicians - Sara Mingardo (Italy), Sally Burgees (UK), Jill Feldman (Netherlands), Teodore Coresi (Austria); and with vocal coaches - Alla Simoni (Italy), Ubaldo Fabbri (Italy).

At present time Evgeny continues improving his vocal skills and taking part in concerts and festivals.

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